7 “Healthy” Foods That Are Actually Junk

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Do you know that plenty of foods that we consume daily are actually not healthy? They are junk foods. We read certain food labels with “gluten” “vegan” “low-fat” and think it is healthy. But, this is not the fact.

                 Here are 7 “Healthy” Foods That Are Actually Junk

1.  Processed “Low – Fat” and “Fat-Free” Foods

Large companies noted that any food marketed as “low-fat” would sell well, so they start removing fat from foods. But there is a problem with this. Food tastes horrible when the fat has been removed. In order to compensate for the taste loss, they added a whole bunch of sugar to it. This added sugar is unhealthy when consumed in excess. So, be alert. If any packed food comes with “low-fat” or “fat-free”, then, it is highly processed with sugar or chemical sweeteners.

2.  Salad Dressings

We all know that vegetables are very healthy but they don’t taste very good on their own. To add flavor to the salads and make it into delicious treats, people use salad dressings.  There are so many salad dressings that are absolutely loaded with all kinds of very unhealthy ingredients not limited to the types of sugar, vegetable oils, trans fats, along with a bunch of artificial chemicals as well.

No doubt, vegetables are good for health but eating them with a harmful ingredients salad dressing is totally not good for your health. So, check the ingredients list before buying a salad dressing.

3. Fruit Juices – Liquid Sugar in Actual

Many people believe that fruit juices are good for their health as they come from fruit. But, a lot of the fruit juice you find in the supermarket isn’t actual fruit juice. It is a chemically composed fruit-flavored sugar water. So, it’s better to eat fruits instead of drinking fruit juices.

4. Whole Wheat

These days most “whole wheat” products aren’t really made from whole wheat. There have been man Studies that have shown and proven that this way of eating bread may actually cause inflammation and increased cholesterol levels, in comparison to the older varieties that you can have in your diet. Modern wheat is less nutritious and has some properties that make it worse for the people who are intolerant to gluten.

5. Margarine

It was all Due to the very high fat contents that butter was demonized and various health “experts” started instead chose promoting margarine as a replacement instead of butter. Although Margarine may have less trans fats than before, you must still understand that it is still loaded with unhealthy very refined vegetable oils that are not the best for you. In actual, Margarine is an assembly of chemicals and refined oils that have been made to look and taste like food. Also, lets not forget that Studies have shown that people who replace butter with margarine are actually giving themselves a MORE likely chance of dying from heart disease.

6. Agave Nectar

So what happened here is After many people started learning of the harmful effects of sugar, they started looking for alternatives, here comes agave nectar. They switch to one of the most popular natural sweeteners, Agave nectar or Agave syrup. Almost, every health food contains this artificial sweetener. The fact is that Agave nectar is much worse than sugar. Sugar contains 50% fructose whereas Agave contains up to 70% -90%.

7. Fruit Smoothies

People believe that fruit smoothies are great for health. But bananas, strawberries, raspberries contain lots of sugar. Health experts say that the superior taste of smoothies is a result of non-nutritive ingredients contained in it.

Smoothies are hidden sugars in the form of fruit, frozen yogurt, agave, juice, honey etc. And the smoothie recipes include rich foods like almond butter, nuts and coconut. It is better to go for natural sweeteners- one fruit serving, low fat milk, unsweetened almond milk, vanilla extract, chia seeds or cinnamon to add taste. You can also use protein powder for staying strong.

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